1. Introduction
    1. These Terms of Use and Sale Conditions are agreed between the DITCHIL, Lda., hereinafter referred to as DITCHIL®, and people wishing to make purchases through the website of the company (ditchil.com), hereinafter referred to as USER.
    2. The parties agree that the purchases made through ditchil.com website are governed by the present conditions and that they regulate all steps necessary to effect the order between the contracting parties.
    3. The DITCHIL®, reserves the right to modify at any time these Terms of Use and Sale Conditions, and the changes will be communicated to the USER through the email provided in the registration process.
  2. Object
    1. The present Terms of Use and Sales Conditions determine the rights and obligations of the parties involved in the purchase and sale of products made available on ditchil.com website.
  3. Order
    1. When registering, the USER declares to be of adult age and have the legal capacity to make purchases on this website.
    2. After completion of the registration, the USER must choose the products they want to buy from the online catalog available on ditchil.com website.
    3. After selecting the desired product(s), the USER should continue the order, completing the information required, namely delivery address and billing address.
    4. The data provided by the USER for payment are their responsibility. The invoice after being issued, can not be reissued with amendments.
    5. The ordering process is conditional and limited to stocks available, and in the event that some product became unavailable, the USER will be advised as soon as possible and no later than fifteen (15) days.
    6. After the order of registration the USER will receive an email with the order details.
    7. The order form will be filed by DITCHIL® and will serve as proof of the contractual relationship of sale established between DITCHIL® and the USER.
    8. Before making a purchase on this website, the USER should carefully read the Terms of Use and Sale Conditions. The registration of an order by the USER implies full acceptance of the Terms of Use and Sale Conditions, as well as price and product description.
  4. Payment, Validation and Processing Order
    1. The USER have at their disposal the following payment methods:
      a) Paypal
    2. Within 24 hours of payment confirmation, an email will be sent (to the email address provided by the USER upon registration) to confirm the order validation and processing.
    3. The DITCHIL® commits to do everything within their power to ensure the confidentiality in respect of data transmitted over the internet.
    4. The validity of the orders placed by the user / buyer is 2 (two) days, unless it is carried out within any promotional campaign that determine a different term. If the user / purchaser fails to pay by this deadline, the order will be canceled.
  5. Prices
    1. The prices shown on this website are expressed in Euros (€) and include the VAT applicable at the time of the order of payment.
    2. The USER is solely responsible for the payment of fees, expenses, taxes or other amounts that may be charged by the country's authorities where you are and where requested the delivery of the order.
    3. DITCHIL® reserves the right to proceed with the change in products price without notice, including under promotional campaigns.
  6. Promotional Campaigns
    1. Periodically DITCHIL® can conduct promotional campaigns on this website, including through percentage discounts on the sale price to the public, discount voucher or promotional codes.
    2. Promotional campaigns are time-bounded.
    3. DITCHIL® only commits to discounts in the context of the promotional campaigns for the explicit period of the same duration, so the USER shall complete your order before the end of that period.
    4. The discount is not guaranteed if the USER have just saved the product in the "shopping basket".
  7. Shipping, Freight and Delivery
    1. All orders are shipped directly and free of charge exclusively to Portugal and Spain, with delivery within a maximum period of 3 days.
    2. Others countries, for orders under €75, shipping costs €20 and delivery can be made in 5 days.
    3. Shipping costs may vary according to the weight of the order, place of delivery, despite the possibility of sending orders to meet exempt from paying shipping ports, under promotional campaigns or sales policies adopted by DITCHIL®.
    4. Any customs duties applied will be borne by the customer.
    5. Orders will be delivered to the address the USER indicated in the registration procedure, so in case of change of address the USER shall update their personal data. DITCHIL® is not responsible for the damages or losses due to inaccurate data in the USER record.
  8. Cancelation
    1. The USER can cancel the order without any costs. For this purpose, he/she must, within 24 hours after making the order, send an e-mail to return@ditchil.com
  9. Exchanges and returns 
    1. Exchanges and Returns Upon receipt of the order, the USER has a period of 30 days to proceed to the settlement of the sale contract, returning the order in whole or in part, and for this purpose notify DITCHIL® through the following e-mail: return@ditchil.com
    2. In this email, the USER must communicate how he intends to terminate the contract: return/exchange for the same article or exchange for another article. If you want to exchange for another article, you must clearly name the article (s) you want to exchange and the article (s) you want to receive, indicating the model name, size, and color of the article (s) concerned.
    3. In order for the product (s) to be returned, it/they must be presented with no signs of use and with all labels.
    4. The first exchange or return made is free to the USER only for orders from € 49.90, in these cases, there are no shipping costs. From the second exchange, the costs will be borne by the USER.
    5. Whenever the return of one or more products, which have been acquired at a discount based on the purchase price, implies that the lower limit of the purchase price for the assignment of that discount is no longer fulfilled, the amount to be recovered will be adjusted in proportion to the amount that was actually paid.
  10. Products Information
    1. DITCHIL® clarifies that it is possible that the pictures presented do not represent the colors accuracy (as this is a factor that depends on the definition of each screen), shapes and details.
    2. The USER must also take into account that the same color can provide different shades when applied to different materials, which result from the proper compositions of knits and wovens.
  11. Processing of Personal Data
    1. The collection of personal data during the registration process aims at identifying the USER in order to proceed with the processing of orders and to contact the same, if necessary.
    2. The data provided by the USER can be used for communication purposes, in particular within the range of products, services, promotional or advertising campaigns.
    3. Processing of the USER data is done in compliance with legislation on personal data protection. These data are subject to automatic processing and will appear in the DITCHIL® database.
    4. It is guaranteed under the law, the right to access, rectify and cancel any personal data that respects directly to the USER, and to this end, you must access your personal area.
    5. The USER authorizes DITCHIL® to transmit the strictly necessary personal data to service providers delivery orders.
    6. DITCHIL® recognize the importance of the USER's personal data protection and, in this sense, we have developed a set of safeguards and safety. However, no personal data circulating in open network is protected from possible deviations, so DITCHIL® is not responsible for the communication of passwords, codes or any sensitive information that may be diverted.
    7. The USER authorizes DITCHIL® to use cookies.
  12. Terms
    1. Acess to DITCHIL.com
      1. By accessing DITCHIL.com, you agree to the terms of use (occasionally likely to change).
      2. Despite DITCHIL, Lda., strive to ensure permanent access to DITCHIL.com, we can not guarantee, taking into account the constraints of the Internet, so DITCHIL, Lda., is not responsible for occasional suspension of their website, particularly those concerning the need to carry out repairs and/or upgrades.
      3. DITCHIL® reserves the right to delete or modify services and contents without notice.
      4. DITCHIL, Lda., is not responsible for any loss or damage which eventually arises from access to and use of this Website.
    2. Intellectual Property and License of Use of DITCHIL.com
      1. The intellectual property rights of software and content available on this website are the property of DITCHIL® or are legally protected and reserved to it and its authorized representatives.
      2. Is not allowed the reproduction, handling, distribution, publishing or exploitation of any form of this website or its contents for commercial purposes without prior written permission of DITCHIL©.
      3. It is strictly prohibited any link to this Web site by using the framing technique or in-line linking.
      4. The user can save or print the content of this site for personal use only.
      5. The license to access and use of the site does not authorize any discharge (download) information or the copy of personal accounts for the benefit of third parties.
    3. User Conduct
      1. By accessing the ditchil.com, the USER undertakes not to use the website so as to cause any damage or objectively and/or difficulties in accessing and using the same.
      2. The USER is solely responsible for the information and content sent from their computer to ditchil.com.
      3. The USER undertakes to use the ditchil.com only for lawful purposes, not being allowed any conduct for fraudulent purposes or illegal nature, harassing, obscene, threatening, abusive, defamatory, or sending an informative virus or "spam".
    4. Personal Accounts
      1. Confidentiality of the account and the password associated with it is the sole responsibility of the USER.
      2. The USER is also responsible for ensuring legitimate access to their account, restricting access to their computer or ensuring that properly logs out of their personal account (logout), preventing access to it and their personal data by unauthorized third parties.
      3. The USER must promptly change their password and/or inform us if you suspect that it is being used by third parties who do not have the authorization to do so.
      4. By registering on this website, the USER undertakes to provide true data, so as to ensure smooth processing and shipping orders. If the USER check for gaps or inaccuracies in the personal information associated with the account shall amend or correct it.
      5. DITCHIL® reserves the right to refuse and/or prevent access, close accounts and cancel orders.
  13. Information, Suggestions or Complaints
    1. For any clarification, suggestion or complaint, the USER should use the following contacts:
      Email: ayuda@ditchil.com Telefone: 629488503 Morada: Calle Arquitetura, 5, 2ª planta Módulo 5, 41015 Sevilla, Espanha

      Terms of Use and General Conditions of Sale written in 13.03.2019